Because you can’t compromise on safety.

– Suppressing Thermal Runaway Propagation in Lithium-Ion Batteries –

Developing safe battery packs with Proteba.

Do you strive for the highest safety standards for your products, also with regard to the battery? Are you looking for solutions to prevent thermal runaway propagation (TRP) in lithium-ion batteries?

We are happy to support you:
Your partners for successful battery development at module and system level

Proteba at a glance

Our Products

Customized thermal barriers and potting materials for battery modules. Customers come from the automotive industry, aviation, special applications, etc.


Safe batteries (Zero-TP) thanks to high-enthalpy thermal barriers and in-depth understanding of all relevant failure mechanisms


Who we are

ZSW Spin-Off

Proteba GmbH was founded in Ulm in 2022 as a spin-off of the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)

Battery test expertise

Many years of test field experience at the ZSW (Accumulators department): Abuse tests (nail penetration, heaters, overcharging, etc.) and post-mortem analyses

EXIST Start-Up

Funding for our start-up as part of the EXIST research transfer program for start-ups from science

Scientific references

Many years of research activity in the field of lithium-ion batteries: Thermal propagation, swelling, cell aging, electrothermal characterization, modeling, etc.